Daily Five

Daily 5 is a management structure for the Literacy block.

What makes it work?
* Explicit teaching of routines
* Allowing time in the first few weeks to build stamina for sustained independent work periods
* Students know WHY the routines are important
* Students have CHOICE - of books and activities
* Students learn how to choose good-fit books
* The class gathers together between each round for a short and snappy mini-lesson

Why use Daily 5?
Children are involved in authentic reading and writing, not 'busy' work.

Once stamina is built, the rotations provide time for the teacher to work with students
Daily 5 is only half of the story!
Daily 5 is the vehicle.
CAFE is the fuel that makes it run.

Read to Self
The best way to become a better reader is to practice each day, with books you choose, on your just-right reading level. 
It soon becomes a habit.

Read to Someone
Reading to Someone allows for more time to practice strategies, 
helps children to work on fluency and expression, 
check for understanding, 
hear their own voice, 
and share in the learning community.

Work on Writing
Just like reading, the best way to become a better writer is to practice writing each day.
Listen to Reading
We hear examples of good literature and fluent reading. We learn more words, thus expanding our vocabulary and becoming better readers.

Word Work
Correct spelling allows for more fluent writing, thus speeding up the ability to write and get thinking down on paper. This is an essential foundation for writers.

Teaching specific strategies for:
Expanding Vocabulary

Teacher conferences with students according to need: individually, small strategy group, small guided group.
Teacher and student decide on the most important need for moving the child forward and focus on that.

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